Whistleblower’s System

Whistleblower’s System

Do you know of an act of corruption that has or will be committed by someone you know in the PT PLN (Persero)?

For those of you who want to report indications of corruption, but feel hesitant or afraid of their identity being revealed, because you happen to know the perpretators, for example your boss, coworkers, etc., you can use this facility.

You can report known violations by telephone, Short Message Service (SMS) or Whatsapp to number 08119861901, email to wbpln@pln.co.id, and a letter to the President Director.

If the internal reporter does not want his identity to be known, it is advisable to use non-corporate email so that it is not tracked by the manager of the company’s information system. Likewise for external reporters.

Further communication of the report submitted will be made via the channel above to the report sender’s number or email.


Submission of Reporting and Follow Up

Reporting / reporting violations must be conveyed clearly and can be accounted for, including covering:

  • The form of the violation complained of.
  • Parties involved / Reported parties.
  • Time of violation.
  • Place of violation.
  • Chronology of the incident.

Upon submission of the report, the Board of Directors will follow up with an investigation effort to obtain the truth of the report and then the report will be supplemented with the evidence needed for further processing.


Reporter Protection

PLN provides guarantees of protection and confidentiality for every complainant / disclosure of:

  • Confidentiality of the reporter’s identity (name, address, telephone number, facsimile, e-mail, work unit, etc.
  • Protection from retaliation from reported parties or institutions. This consists of protection from pressure, postponement of promotion / dismissal, dismissal, law suit, property to physical actions. Such protection does not only apply to the reporter, but can be made possible up to the reporting family member.