Code of Conduct

PT PLN (Persero) as a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) in the electricity sector that serves the public throughout the archipelago, is determined to provide the best electricity services and meet electricity standards that are acceptable to the international world and realize it by relying on the capacity of all its citizens .

In running its business, PLN is determined to work with enthusiasm to always produce the best products and services and treat customers, business partners, and suppliers fairly without discrimination. In order to maintain consistency in the implementation of good company (Good Corporate Governance), through this PT PLN (Persero) Code of Conduct, PLN’s management is determined to foster good habits and professional associations and at the same time reflect PLN’s identity that can we are proud together. This effort is also a manifestation of the sincerity of the citizens of PLN to work and try to be in harmony with the philosophy, vision, mission, and corporate values ​​that have been mutually agreed upon.

All of this will be carried out while still referring to aspirations to create maximum value for the nation and state of Indonesia. The management of PLN is also determined to hold the company by inviting all members of PLN and all phases concerned with the progress of this company, to keep this company working in a responsible manner. This openness and participation will be carried out with the principle that company information can be easily accessed and obtained by the public and all parties entitled, without ignoring the principle of the confidentiality of that information. Conversely, company management is also always open to all inputs and suggestions from the company’s internal and external environment. In implementing this guideline, the spirit and faith that underlies this document will be safeguarded in addition to carrying out what is written in it.

All of this is done in order to maintain an increase in shareholder value and equal and consistent public trust. We believe that this is the determination of all PLN citizens to implement the behavior contained in the PT PLN (Persero) Code of Conduct as a reality in our daily work lives, by making ourselves role models in their respective work environments.