Indonesia Power Transmission Development Fase II (IPTD-II)

PLN is embarking on an ambitious and comprehensive upgrade of the transmission infrastructure on grids in Java-Bali, Sulawesi and Kalimantan. The Government of Indonesia (GoI) has requested a loan from the World Bank for the IPTD 2 project, which involves a large number of subprojects to upgrade, expand or build new substations.

The development objective of IPTD2 is to assist the GoI to meet growing electricity demand and increase access to electricity in a sustainable manner. It will achieve this objective by strengthening and expanding the capacity of the power transmission networks in Java-Bali and other large islands in East and West Indonesia and improving PLN’s capacity to plan and operate the transmission and distribution network in an efficient and transparent way through introduction of smart grid technologies.

This is a follow-up operation of the on-going Indonesia Power Transmission Development Project (IPTD). The proposed project will continue the expansion of 150 kV sub-transmission systems in Java-Bali and Sumatra, which has been partly covered by the IPTD and support extension of the existing 150 kV sub-transmission systems in Kalimantan and Sulawesi to meet the increasing demand and to increase access rates in these islands.

All three components of the IPTD2 involve infrastructure investment and require safeguards instruments as follow:

  1. Environmental Management Plan
  2. Land Acquisition and Resettlement Action Plan

IPTD2 Larap & EMP
20161121 – IPTD2 – EMP GI for Group 2 – Bahasa.pdf
20161121 – IPTD2 – EMP GI for Group 2 – English.pdf
20161121 – IPTD2 – EMP GI for Group 2 – English.pdf
20161121 – IPTD2 – LARAP GI Sepatan – English.pdf 

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