East Java-Bali Power Distribution Strengthening Project

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is considering lending to PLN. Specifically, AIIB is considering financing the construction of about 17,000 km distribution lines and installation of distribution transformers in East Java and Bali. The Project will support the increased access and improved quality of power distribution through infrastructure development in line with the objectives and targets of the first five years of Indonesia’s Electricity Business Plan 2019-2028 (RUPTL) in the East Java and Bali regions. East Java & Bali Power Distribution Strengthening Project comprises the expansion of the distribution network (medium-voltage and low-voltage), including erection of new poles, cable stringing, trenching and cable burial in urban environment, and installation of distribution transformers, customer connection & meter replacement, Medium Voltage (MV) switch (LBS and Rec), MV cubicle (Distribution) and MV cubicle (Substation). The sub-projects comprise the following activities taking place in defined study areas and for which AIIB funds are sought:

a. Delivery to site and temporary storage at site of material, including transformers, distribution power lines, piles, etc.
b. Installation/upgrading of the distribution network, including clearing of the right of way; civil works (foundation digging for poles, and in some instances trenching and/or boring); erection of poles; stringing of power lines; installation/ replacement of transformers;
c. Storage, handling and disposal of end-of-life transformers;
d. Connection to the network and to households (including installation of customer meter boxes and circuit breakers); and
e. Maintenance of distribution line (vegetation clearance, etc.)

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