Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

In 2020, PLN establish a BOD Directive No. 0015.P/DIR/2020 concerning Protection, Prevention, and Treatment of Sexual Harrasment in PT PLN (Persero) that covers the following aspects:

  1. Protection and prevention of sexual harassment for employee, outsource, consumers, business partners, and consultants in the area and activities of PLN;
  2. Types of sexual harassment include physical and verbal abuse, gesture harassment, and written harassment;
  3. Reporting mechanism of sexual harassment to Employee Assistance Center (EAC) through and provide the protection and guarantee of identity confidentiality of the whistleblower
  4. Victim recovery which covers physically, psychology, economy, social and culture recovery
  5. Imposition of sanctions for employee and non employee
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation of incident and report, including number, type, and follow up of the incident and reports
  7. Handling mechanism that managed by the Director

As our commitment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 5 of gender equality and women empowerment, the President Director of PT PLN (Persero) has signed a CEO Statement of Support for the Women’s Empowerment Principles on September 9, 2021. Moreover, aligned with the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises’s enhancement program of women empowerment, PLN commits to build gender equality through the representation of women in strategic positions and a work environment that is beneficial to the role and development of women’s talents. This commitment is materialized by establishing the BOD Decree No. 0191.K/DIR/2021 regarding the Formation of Srikandi Task Force Team of PT PLN (Persero). Srikandi is named after Shikhandi, the androgynous character in the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

Srikandi task force team aims to build awareness of all parties regarding competency-based career development and employee performance, and to enhance the capacity of women within PLN business activities. Furthermore, The talent management system should be transparent and fair to provide equal career opportunities. Thus, there is no gender inequality in terms of pursuing a career in PLN.

The Srikandi Task Team has several working groups as follows:

  1. Women empowerment strategy
    • Analyze policies in regards to women empowerment
    • Provide recommendations to the management for the improvement of women empowerment policies and programs
    • Establish women empowerment strategic programs
  2. Women empowerment learning and development
    • Provide, organize, evaluate, and report the learning and development program of women empowerment.
  3. Women empowerment communication and public relations
    • Being the spoke persons of the Srikandi task force for internal and external stakeholders
    • Document and publish policies, program, and activities promoting women empowerment
    • Manage the information and communication media

The Working Program for Srikandi Task Force consists of the Stronger than Before 1 (STB 1) and the Stronger than Before 2 (STB 2) shown in Table 1. STB 1 was completed in Semester 1 2021 while STB 2 is being implemented in Semester 2 2021.

The STB program consists of five main programs, so-called HEART:
    H – He for She program (Men support Women)
    E – Empowering Program (Coaching and women capacity building)
    A – Advance community for women (Diversity and inclusion forum)
    R – Responsibility (Leaders commitment and action)
    T – Trustworthy (Building credibility of women in workplace and home)

To enhance the capacity of women’s education, scholarships have been awarded to 32% PLN female employees from total awardees of 2010-2021.

PLN has launched the Women Empowerment Program on April 21, 2021, and also holds webinars 4 times each year. Three webinars that have been held are:

  1. Start-Up – PLN Wonder Women in Moves
  2. Women and Leadership in Time of Crisis
  3. Women Acceleration: Raising the Bar in Technology

Besides the gender equality and women empowerment for employee, we create programs to enhance the women capacity development in the surrounding area of PLN activities through Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). Among our programs are: support the food micro, small, and medium enterprises, and establish a peer support group with people living with HIV.

EWomen Empowerment Program in Specific Projects

A. Sustainable Energy Access in Eastern Indonesia – Electricity Grid Development Program

  1. Pilot community-based training for Solar PV maintenance by remote monitoring to the units and community with a minimum of 30% female participants
  2. Education workshop to customers related to the safe and productive energy use with a minimum of 30% female participants for each workshop

B. Gender Program in Upper Cisokan Hydro Electric Power Plant Project
Setting a target to increase the representation of women staff from 5% in 2021 to 20% in 2025, specifically for the technical staff, and to include the target as part of the key performance indicators for senior management

  1. Develop and implement action plans for increasing the recruitment and promotion of women
  2. Integrate strategies to increase recruitment and promotion of women into human resource management, e.g. job descriptions encouraging female candidates
  3. Implement a mentor and mentee system
  4. Organizing management and leadership training for outstanding female staff
  5. -Support internship programs for female students in STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

Table 1. PLN Women Empowerment Program

Program Description Timeline
STB 1 Corporate Program 1.PLN Ignition 1.0 #womenseries 4 times/year
PLN Ignition 2.0: Masterclass – Gender Advocacy Training (USAID)
– STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Maintenance) Training Program for PLN Women
– July-September 2021
– June-December 2021
Program of HTD Division ASIA Women Summit (for ASIA Utilities Women in Electricity Industry) International Cooperation: HAPUA, JEPIC June 2021
Top Women Talent Program Capacity building: Women Leadership Program 2nd Semester 2021
Program of Corporate Communication Division Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Social movements for supporting and empowering women communities in Indonesia June-December 2021
STB 2 Women Community Program Kartini Day Launching SRIKANDI PLN and PLN Women Empowerment “Stronger than Before” Program April 21, 2021
Srikandi PLN Program Gender Upskilling (ADB) Gender Equality Awereness Training Program August 2021
PLN Women Bootcamp For Top Youth Female September 2021
PLN Women Coacjing-Mentoring Program Woman support Woman Porgram, He for She Program August-December 2021
PLN Group Women Summit PLN Group Women Empowerment movement December 2021
PLN Women Empowerment Establishment – Launching PLN Policy on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment
– Launching Tool Project for empowering PLN Women
November-December 2021