Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP)

PLN concrete actions on JETP

PLN is committed to the environment, utilizing clean energy and implementing energy transition in the RUPTL 2021-2030, by reducing Coal Power Plants from 27.1 GW to 13.8 GW. On November 2021, Indonesia JETP plans to mobilize $20 Bn to accelerate the energy transition.

PLN has taken concrete actions to support delivery of the JETP, by aligning the current RUPTL with JETP. Therefore, PLN is more than ready to collaborate with JETP investment and policy plan (JETP IPP)

PLN has made heroic efforts to achieve energy transition goal, decarbonization, emphasize on renewables and develop green ecosystem.

Before 2030. JETP is an integrated part of the greenest RUPTL which is already planned until 2030 with a total project value of ~85 billion USD